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From the Director

UCHRI: Where the humanities work

UCHRI Activities


One of UCHRI’s primary functions is to award grants to faculty and graduate students. Focusing on innovative, interdisciplinary research, many of these grants seek to address the role of humanities within the University of California and the community it serves. At the heart of UCHRI’s grant activities are the Residential Research Groups, which convenes key scholars to work in collaboration on interdisciplinary topics of special significance. As the longest-standing grant we offer, Residential Research Groups exemplify UCHRI’s role in facilitating and supporting new questions in the humanities.


In addition to serving as a grantmaking organization, UCHRI serves as a thought leader in interdisciplinary humanities research through a range of initiatives, which focus on a variety of topics in the humanities. These initiatives are funded primarily through external grants and partnerships outside of the UC system. In the 2014-15 year, UCHRI administered a variety of initiatives with funding from a number of external partners, including the Luce Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, and the Modern Language Association’s Connected Academics Project.


Through its grants, initiatives, and other activities, UCHRI sponsors a variety of humanities projects. These projects comprise a diverse range of humanities disciplines, bring faculty together with broader communities in California, and engage with innovative methods to conduct and convey research. Projects carried out in the 2014-15 academic year represent the broad scope of work UCHRI conducts as part of its mission to reimagine the humanities.

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And where humanists work together.


Board of Governors

The Board of Governors consists of up to eighteen members; up to eight members are chosen from among UC faculty. Up to an additional five non-UC faculty members may be appointed, along with up to five prominent citizen members. The Board is responsible for establishing and reviewing policies and procedures of UCHRI.

Advisory Committee

Composed of faculty representatives from each of the ten UC campuses, the UCHRI Advisory Committee members are nominated by the humanities dean of their home campus, and selected by the UC Board of Governors with an eye to reflecting the diversity and disciplinary breadth of the faculty of the University of California. The advisory committee meets twice each year to make selections for UCHRI’s core funding programs, including the residential research groups, working groups, conferences and seminars, engaging humanities, and other funding opportunities.


UCHRI’s day to day operations are made possible by the dedicated staff at UC Irvine. Composed of full and part-time staff, graduate and undergraduate assistants, and postdoctoral scholars and fellows, UCHRI serves as both a professional organization and training unit for the UC community.

DML Staff

The Digital Media + Learning Research Hub has a dedicated staff that is devoted to analyzing and interpreting the impact of the Internet and digital media on education, civic engagement, and youth.

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