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About Humanists@Work

Humanists@Work is a new initiative UCHRI launched in December 2014. Designed to assist UC humanities graduate students as they consider a variety of career paths, the initiative is a targeted continuation of UCHRI’s Mellon-funded program, Humanities and Changing Conceptions of Work. Over three years, Humanists@Work will conduct six workshops, work with UC affiliates to identify best practices in graduate student training, and track graduate students along their career paths. With a focus on supporting graduate students and fostering dialogue between students and faculty, Humanists@Work is well suited to UCHRI’s mission of actively participating in the conversations about the future of humanities and higher education.


Connected Academics

Humanists@Work aims to enact culture change by making alternative career paths visible and career training accessible.

Year in Review

In 2015, Humanists@Work was awarded funding from the Modern Language Association to participate in the organization’s Connected Academics initiative. In addition to supporting career diversity workshops and training, MLA funding allows Humanists@Work to begin tracking students in UC humanities departments as they graduate and pursue a variety of careers. MLA funding has also allowed Humanists@Work to further its dedication to incorporating meaningful and substantive input from graduate students. In May 2015, Humanists@Work selected six graduate students to serve as the inaugural Graduate Advisory Committee, which will serve to shape and advise further programming.

In February 2015, Humanists@Work held its first graduate student workshop at the San Diego Public Library, which included a panel with UC PhDs employed in a variety of careers, a resume workshop, and a two-part training on interviews and humanities career trajectories. In 2014-2015, UCHRI hosted three summer interns who assisted Humanists@Work with the MLA tracking initiative and drafted detailed reporting guidelines for UCHRI-funded programs. Throughout the year, Humanists@Work built a robust web presence that offers resources for MAs and PhDs who plan to pursue careers outside of the academy. This websites incorporates posts from experts and from graduate students who share their experiences as they navigate their own career paths.

“Humanists@Work is one of the most vital, exciting, and relevant platforms currently contributing to humanities graduate professionalization both at the UC and across higher education in the United States.”
Dana Linda, UCLA


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